Gooseneck lamp is an adjustable light fixture perfect for reading, spot illumination, or even as a home d├ęcor.  Gooseneck lamps type are desk lamp, floor lamp, magnifying lamp, and many others.

Gooseneck desk lamp is advisable for your working station table. Energy saving gooseneck lamp light bulbs options available are halogen, fluorescent, and led. 

Halogen is brighter than fluorescent though it is hotter. Fluorescent has wider light coverage and much cooler and energy saver with low wattage use. LED gooseneck desk lamps is brighter, longer bulb lifespan and low on electricity consumption. This type of lamp is much preferred by most users.

Other stylish gooseneck lamp shade is the tiffany made by Louis Comfort Tiffany known for its glass and stained lamps.

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A good light source contributes in working conveniently and makes reading pleasant. And for a closer and easy access to a light source, desk lamp is worth considering. When it comes in choosing one of its varieties, gooseneck lamps desk will give you even more selections for your task, style and budget.

Gooseneck desk lamp has small base giving a lot of space to work on, while not getting in the way. Unlike other desk lamps’ neck with joint that moves vertically or horizontally, these kind of lamp neck can be bent up and down, or side to side—whatever direction you wish, the light goes along with every movement. These flexible type of lamps is not just an aid in accomplishing a task, but also serves as an embellishment in a dull room.

As found in windows of cathedrals, stained glass allows light to pass through giving life to a composition composed of many colors and shapes; so is your tiffany gooseneck table lamps. Its lampshade is based from Louis Comfort Tiffany, who is known for his favrile glass lamps and stained glass.

While other lamps have dome-shaped or less-artistic lampshade, tiffany is fabricated with stained glass soldered with copper foil. Other than illumination to your work, this lamp will add glow to the room with its aesthetic design. Choosing between a simple and an ornate gooseneck lamps also depends on your budget, but do you want to spend even more with every use?

As cited, the flexibility and style of gooseneck reading desk lamps are the qualities which give consumers more to think of; another thing one should be enlightened of is the bulb use in the lamp. Halogen gooseneck desk lamps has halogen bulb which saves energy and gives brighter light. Though, you’ll be spending more initially, halogen bulbs last longer than incandescent bulb, thereby saving more eventually.

Another energy-efficient lamps, fluorescent gooseneck desk lamp is ideal for a wide light coverage. Its bulb is much cooler than halogen bulb and last longer than standard bulb. For every factor relevant to lighting one has to ponder, gooseneck table lamps would illuminate one’s mind and render a well-lighted work area.

Make your room a cozy one. Gooseneck lamp is made according to your needs making you at ease, cozy with its easy to use features making your area well lighted.

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